We love downhill. For the past few years we’ve been building a trike that brings the fullest experience of pure downhill biking to the snow. Designed to be easy to ride and engineered to withstand extreme usage, it’s our mission to bring this thing to the slopes around the world.

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It’s all about how we do it

All our key decisions are based on creating the perfect downhill ride on the snow. Whether this means you want to glide through the slopes like you’re on a bike, or go all out for an adrenaline rush – it’s easy to use and ready for stunts.


Familiar Ride

Feels like a bike. Some of us weren’t so great at snowboarding and skiing – so for us this was an awesome way to experience the slopes in a way that we felt comfortable.


Ready for Action

Engineered to match downhill bikes, you can go as extreme as your adrenaline desires. Awesome for stunts too.


World Class Parts

We’re perfectionists with our gear. Testing out different variations of materials and parts have given us the perfect ingredients for our snowtrike.

Extensive testing

Before we made our trikes available they were subject to field testing and high tech tests.
By doing this we can say with comfort, that our frames are built to last.

Our advantages


Pedal system

Our innovative pedal system offers a better grip while riding down the slope or jumping big jumps.

Parallelogram system

The rear parallelogram system offers the rider a unique feeling of carving while riding a bike.

Safety leash

The safety leash prevents the trike from riding down the mountain in the event of a fall.

Front suspension

We use high end front suspension from ROCK SHOX which helps to absorb small bumps and big hits.

Custom skis

The custom wooden core skis are specifically designed for the use on our trike, and are enforced on critical points to prevent breaking.